Flash Toolset

Flash Toolset 2.0 Personal Edition delivers powerful new features,...

Flash Toolset 2. 0 Personal Edition delivers powerful new features, as well as updated versions of all the tools available in Flash Toolset 1.

1, in an enhanced, streamlined user environment. Key FeaturesFile browser and manager highlighting file types (e. g. swf,. fla,. as, etc) with thumbnailsPreview your swf files and projectors as you browse through filesExtracts multiple images, sounds, shapes, movie clips and videos from swf filesActionScript files (.

as) editor with syntax highlightingSave flash files directly from Internet Explorer while surfingCreate custom projectors, convert between swf and projectors (.

exe) and backPublish files to the WebGenerates the files necessary for a stand-alone presentation that will auto run on a CDCompress your movie and improve download times for flash versions 3,4,5 and 6And much more!

Flash Toolset


Flash Toolset 2.0